Smoke Drifted Dagger

“All things end by one means or another, if an ending requires continued existence, then so be it.”


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Caste: - Chosen of Endings Anima: - Lesser sign of Mars
Concept: - A doctor and mender of all things destiny related.
Motivation: - To heal the deep wounds in creation caused by the excesses of those who have been deemed the rulers of it.
Age: 518

= History =

Prior to exaltation smoke was a Mortal shaman of the eastern lands, who roamed the boarders of creation as a soothsayer. His odd closeness to the wlyd resulted in his detection as a sidereal coming later than most, and was not found until 8 months after his exaltation at the age of 31.

Smoke's natural leading towards soothsaying and shamanism made him an excellent choice among his new found brothers in the division of endings, for their convention on contagions and health (set up after the great contagion), were he has progressed the field of medicine ever since.

His exposure to the wyld and the Lunars that stalk there however, meant that Smoke always had a strange attachment to such creatures and due to various acts of great kindness which he was shown in his turbulent time of way-ward exaltation by said Lunars, he feels a great passion for them.

Why he is an ally:

Smoke met Emerald over 180 years ago, when, as a favour to Ingosh Silverclaw, he was asked to introduce him to the hidden silver faction among the sidereal's. Having always lived very close to each other and being accustomed to seeing each other around the office, it was not hard for the two to become close friends. Over the years they have worked together many times, each one has his life indebted to the other countless times, their bond of friendship only strengthened by each scarp they land each other in.

While Smoke is not overly versed in combat as others of the division of endings, his advanced skills have made him more than useful in a number of Emeralds cases, and likewise, Smoke has found many uses over the years for Emeralds unique talents for dealing with rogue spirits and the sort.

Fate currently weaved:

- Recovery meant to happen: The Corpse.
Benefits: -2 to the DC for any craft or medicine roll, regain 1wp on a successful craft or medical roll
Trigger: "The applied use of trained skills in the aid of another whom Smoke wants to help"
Scope: Personal
Duration: 20 years

= Attributes =

Mental Attributes
Intelligence: 4, Wits: 3, Perception: 4

Physical Attributes
Strength: 3, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 3

Social Attributes:
Appearance: 2, Manipulation: 2, Charisma: 3

= Abilities =

Awareness: 3, Medicine: 5, Occult: 3, Ride: 4, Martial arts: 5,
Craft (water): 3, Socialise: 3, Craft (fate): 5, Dodge: 4, Performance: 4,
Integrity: 3,


Medicine: healing +3, Craft: healing +3,

= Backgrounds =

Arsenal (3) - Resplendent satchel of healing, Starmetal Baneclaw, Tattooed Artefact (3) - Scabbard of the living weapon, Salary (2), Sifu (2), Familiar (4) - "Yugori - The wings that borne aloft", Celestial Manse (2), Backing (2) - Silver faction, Connections (2) - Silver Pact, Connections (2) - Division of endings, Allies (1) - Emerald Loomweaver

= Essence and Virtues =

Compassion: 4/ Conviction: 2/ Temperance: 2/ Valour: 1

Willpower: 6


Rating: 4 personal: 18/ Peripheral: 20/ Other: 5 / Committed: 25

Anima Effect: 10m/6m/1m
For one scene, all allies within Essence x10 yards add 1 level of damage to all attacks they make. This damage is applied after step 10 of combat, after attack solution and after damage is rolled. This ability does not add damage to an attack which does no base damage.

= Status and Equipment =


- Resplendent satchel of healing: This satchel is a powerful artefact in its own right, but also contains 3 lesser artefacts which aid in its use, these being the "rod of cleansing", the "Band of regrowth" and a set of "wound mending needles". In addition to containing these two other items, the satchel adds 4 dice to any and all medicine and craft rolls.
Contains 1 Hearthstone slot. Attune: 10m
- Rod of Cleansing: By Making a perception + Med roll, this rod can cure any disease or infection which afflicts a living target. This rod costs 1m to activate and any additional spending of 1m reduces the DC by the number of motes spend (minimum of 1). This takes a number of minutes equal to the DC of the roll.
- Wound mending needles: These needles allow for much more rapid healing of wounds for both the owner and anyone he wishes to use them on. The needles can heal all Bashing damage for a cost of 1m per level at a rate of 1 minute per level, healing lethal damage costs 3m per level but the rate is the same, aggravated damage can also be healed in this way but starting the process costs 1wp and then 5m per level healed at a rate of 4 hours per level. Using these needles requires a Percept + Med roll, DC:1 (or 3 if used on self). On use these needles automatically cleanse a body of all poisons.
- Band of regrowth: By placing the band around a severed limb or damage series of tissue (Int+med roll, DC: 3, to find correct location) this band begins the rapid regeneration of all serious injuries. When placed an activated, the target falls into a deep trance which only removal of the band or damage can cause to end. The time healing takes is the same for everyone, no matter what the injury. For exalts this trance lasts for 1 full day and 3 full days for mortals. When the trance ends its duration, all serious damage the body has suffered is repaired.

- MoonSilver Tattoo: Swirling and deep welling patterns around the upper left thigh, seem to ebb and move as if resting outside the body. The longer one stares at the tattoo the more one would think it is something merely attached to the exalt as opposed to deeply engraved ink upon his sink. While Smoke has his weapon sheaved no mundane damage can harm him. No attack not powered by a charm or a magic weapon inflicts any damage upon him. Attune: 5m

- Starmetal Baneclaw: Speed: 4, Acc: +2, Dam: +6L, Def: +4, Rate: 3, Attune: 2
In addition to its other effects, the baneclaw can also be used to crush non-magical weapons it comes into contact with, or disarm an opponent of a magical weapon. Each effect costing 1m per use.


Smoke brings with him at all times his own personal God, "Yugori - The wings that borne aloft", who he has raised to promoted to the rank of Godhood through his use and commitment of charms from the Ride school (as listed later below in his Charm section). This familiar is based off the "Strix" template found on page 350 of exalted, with the charms; The Ordained Bridle of Mercury (sidereal, p.130), Spirit-shape Companion (P.130) and Gold Companion (P.131). The rules and mechanics are cited in the appendix of The Roll of Glorious divinity.

Yugori - The wings that borne aloft
S: 8/D: 3/St: 8/P: 3/I: 3/W: 3/Wp: 6
Soak: 4L/8B, DDV: 3, MDV: 3, Health: -0x2/-1x3/-2x3/I
Abilities: Ath:3, Aw:4, D:3, Inv:3, Inte:3, MA:4 (claws: +2), Pers: 3 (prey: +2), Res:2, Ste:5, Sur:3
Essence: 3 / Essence pool: 90m / Yugori also boasts and confers special powers*
Compassion: 3 /Conviction: 4 /Temperance: 2 /Valour: 3
Charms: Materialise (1m) / Hurry Home (5m) / Endowment (Varies +1wp) / Touch of grace (3m per, + 1wp)

*In addition to the above listed effects and abilities of Yugori, he also has God traits (e.g - never requires bodily support, de-materialise forms, etc.) and Familiar traits of his level (shared senses, mote pool, etc.), he also has a few other powers and abilities which require listing:
- Yugori has two additional forms he can appear with in addition to his natural Strix form. 1 is that of a small child and the other is of a normal owl
- It grants Smoke an additional 5m pool, which regenerates only after his natural motes are full
- Yugori can freely travel between Yu-shan and creation, this transport allows him to bring 1 other creature at any one time.

Heartstone and Manse:

Smoke has a manse very similar to that of his friend Emerald, in fact they are part of the same Yu-shan housing district. However, due to the luck of the draw, Smoke happens to have a larger central courtyard with a dedicated tower in the centre which houses a pool.

- Gem of perfection: This hearthstone enables healing beyond normal levels of healing. This gem heals all defects, diseases and illnesses that afflict the wearer. This gem can also restore lost limbs and organs. It takes 2 weeks to heal most effects, health level penalties and so on, limb and organ regrowth takes 2 months.


Dodge D.V = 6
Mental D.V = 5

Health and soak:

-0 [ ]
-1 [ ], [ ]
-2 [ ], [ ]
-4 [ ],
IN [ ]



*Heals one level of each per action.

= Charms =

Martial arts - Violet bier of sorrows style

- Secrets of future strife (N/A) [P]
- Blade of the battle maidens (2m per, +2wp) [R]


- World-shaping Artistic visionx3 - "In cities" (N/A) [P]
- Excellent implementation of objectives (4m) [S]
- Mending warped designs (5m) [Sim]


- Ordained Bridle of Mercury (10m + 1wp) [Sim]
- Spirit-shape Companion (10m + 1wp +3xp) [Sim]
- Godly Companion (20m + 1wp +3xp) [Sim]


- Peaceable conclusion (2m, +1wp, + 1 Lhl) [Sim]
- Smooth transition (2m) [Sim]
- Terminate Illness (10m) [Sim]
- Deferred wounds (5m, +1wp) [Sim]
- Earth and Sky Bargain* (10m, +1wp, +1 Lhl) [Sim]

- Absence (2m) [R]
- Duck fate (10m) [R]


= Dice pool cheat sheet =

Medical aid: DC: -2 +16 (Percep + Med = 9, + SP = 12, + Items = 16)

Crafting aid: DC: -5 + 15 (Int + craft = 8, + SP = 11, + Items = 15)

Martial arts attack: 12 (Dex + M.A = 10, + weapon = 12)

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