Twisted Emission of the Dragons, "Twister"

“I ain't no hero, kid…”


Caste: - Dusk Anima: - Combat Essence Mastery
Concept: - Vain but righteous, Assassin for hire.
Motivation: - Some men don't need any motivation for what they do, some men are content to watch from the side lines as the world slowly rips itself apart.
XP total: 71, XP unspent: 30,

= History =

= Attributes =

Mental Attributes
Intelligence:2 , Wits: 3 , Perception: 2

Physical Attributes
Strength: 3 , Dexterity: 5 , Stamina: 3

Social Attributes:
Appearance: 3* , Manipulation: 4 , Charisma: 4

*Bonuses applied

= Abilities =

Archery: 5, Martial Arts: 5, Melee: 2, Thrown: 1,
War: 1, Stealth: 3, Performance: 7*, Presence: 2*,
Dodge: 4, Awareness: 3, Larceny: 3, Linguistics: 2,
Integrity: 2,


Martial Arts: Flame pieces +3,

= Backgrounds =

Artefact (3) - Plasma Tongue repeaters x2, Manse (2), Artefact (1) - Soul steel Hearthstone Amulet, Whispers (1), Sifu (1), Resources (2)

= Essence and Virtues =

Compassion: 2 / Conviction: 4 / Temperance: 2 / Valour: 1

Virtue flaw - Conviction:
Sammi make this up!

6 [] [] [] [] [] []


Rating: 3 = Personal: 15 / Peripheral: 36 / Committed:

Anima Effect: X [R]
As masters of battle The Dusk cast have a more intuitive feel for essence flow in battle. As a result they can freely make simple combos on the fly. This enables the Abyssal to combo 2 charms together in an action. The combo must be declared on the activation of the first charm and an extra Willpower must be spent as normal for combos.

= Unique features =

= Status and Equipment =


- Soulsteel Plasma Flame tongue repeater: Speed 5, Acc +2, Damg 10L, Rat 1, Ran 20, Ammo 5, x2
- Soulsteeel Hearthstone amulet: Grants the bearer the benefits of his hearthstone + increases mote regeneration by 2 per hour

Heartstone and Manse:

- Sphere of Courtesans Constellation: This gem raises and keeps the bearers Appearance score to 3, if the bearers appearance does not already surpass such. In addition to this the bearer gains a + 2 bonus to all performance and presence rolls.

Other items:

- Custom Buff Jacket (3L/4B Mob -1 Fat 2)


Dodge D.V = 5
Mental D.V = 5

Health and soak:

-0 [], -1 [], [], -2 [] [], -4 [], Incap []


= Charms =

- Splinter of the Void: Add the Abyssal's essence to the raw damage of any ranged attack, in addition to this, whenever an attack hits a target (whether or not that attack deals damage) with a personal essence pool the victim losses a number of motes equal to the Abyssal's essence and the Abyssal gains that many motes (2m) [S]

- Iron Sleet Attack: Add the Abyssal's essence to the raw damage of any ranged attack, in addition to this, in the attack inflicts any damage at all the victim losses a dot of dexterity. creatures reduced to zero dexterity are inert, lost dexterity returns at a rate of 1 dot per minute, this charm does not effect anything immune to the Dusk caste's anima banner. (4m) [S]

Martial Arts - Righteous Devil Style (Gun-Fu)

- Kiss of the sun concentration: By spending a varying number of motes, the martial artist may reduce the tick speed of an aim action (Speed 3 normally) by 1 tick per mote to a minimum of 1. If the character spends the full 3 motes on this charm the character may still only take a speed 3 aim action, but the target is marked with an ash bulleye which allows the character to make incredible called shot on a Dex+M.A roll (1-3m) [S]

- Lightning Draw Stance: The character may draw his weapons without penalty whenever a join battle roll is made, in addition to this the character also adds his essence in bonus dice to the join battle roll. (2m) [R]

- Cloud of ebon devils: After each shot, the character can attempt a wits+M.A roll, DC 2, to reload the weapon without taking a reload action. The character still suffers the -1 DV penalty for reloading though. (1m) [R]

- Blossom of inevitable demise: Double the raw damage of ranged attacked using a firewand or similar ranged weapon. (3m) [S]

- Blessing of the righteous spark: By spending 2m, the character may imbue his flame piece with a golden symbol which when the weapon is next fired adds the characters essence to the base damage of the weapon. The mark has an indefinite duration and lasts until the weapon is fired, then needs to be reapplied. If used against a creature of darkness, this effect adds double essence damage (2m) [M]

- Righteous devil form: When the martial artist drops into form (a speed 3 action), For the duration of the scene all who see him try to make for cover. At the same time the devil can compel certain people to confront him within essence x10 yards, and stand face to face in front of the exalt. Both these effects are unnatural mental influences, spending will power suppresses the urge to come out and face him for 1 action. He may select a number of targets equal to this essence at a time. (5m) [F]

- Twin salamander fist: When the exalt achieves this charm, the character may use a 1 handed flame piece or similar weapon in each hand without suffering the off hand penalties. (N/A) [P]

- Dance of the howling Magma sprites:The abyssal may make a number of additional attacks equal to his essence per weapon, doing the base damage of the weapon. (4m + 1wp) [S]

- Fluttering Shadow form: Mirrors "shadow over water" (1m) [R]

- Flickering wisp technique: The Abyssal ceases to exist for a moment then pops back into existence essence-yards from where he was. This charm can dodge undodgeable attacks but not unexpected attacks. (3m) [R]


- Haunting apparition trick: Whenever the character makes a performance roll, he may induce a myriad of illusory effects within Essence x10 yards of the exalt. These effects do very little by the themselves but can have an unnumbered among of effects based off GM discretion when the player uses this ability with a stunt. (N/A) [P]

- Withered Phantasmagoria: This charm expands the apparition trick, but gives it much more physical benefits. Effecting a radius of Essence x100 yards, this charm enables the use of the apparitions from the previous charm but to a much wider and more complex scale. In addition to the above effects, this charm can also be used to directly deal damage to targets within the area of effect, making a Charisma + perform roll vs target MDV, and by spending 2 motes per lethal damage inflicted, per turn, the abyssal can deal mass damage over a wide area. This damage may only be soaked by stamina and tied effects (1 wp + any motes for damage) [Speed 6]


- First performance excellency: For every mote spent, add 1 additional dice to the performance roll. (1m + 1m per bonus) [R]


= Dice Pool cheat sheet =

Gun-Fu: 22*/20/17 (Dex+MA/Arch = + 10, + 4 Acc, + 3 SP/ + 3 with decent aim, could be more* / + 2 decent stunt)


= Play style =

~Name~ is a bounty hunter of deadly effect. Preferring to stay at range and make effective use of his formidable martial arts abilities, ~Name~ is never someone who should challenged lightly. Boasting a wide range of abilities design to slow/incapacitate opponents (so they can be taken either dead or alive), while also wielding battlefield control powers and horrifying illusions, all means that fighting ~Name~ is as much about using your head as it is your combat prowess.

If fighting a single target, ~Name~ will stay at range in the hopes of picking them off before they are even aware of a fight. In the case where a target is in a well defended area with goons to protect him, ~Name~'s combat form will ensure the fight will go his way for as long as possible.

If the fight is more up close and person for ~Name~'s liking, or the fight requires that little extra punch to make sure things go his way, ~Name~ will often use one of his Illusion inducing powers to control the fight, while dealing with his target in the best way he can.

On top of his tactics, it needs to be stated that ~Name~ is an incredible gun fighter capable of holding his own in any fight without the need of such simple tricks. He is readily capable of dealing massive damage when he needs to, and getting out of dodge when it is coming his way.

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