Solomon Nilthus; The right kind of sociopath

Assassin: Imperial World (Sinophia) - Sell Steel + Son of Disapter - Shades man - Night Hawk - Secluse - Assassin - Death Adept - Sin eater - Imperator Mortis + Vindicare transition package - Vindicare assassin (1st)


"OH NO!!… Its the cops…"

Stocky build, 1.77m, 80kg
32 yo, Pale white skin, Bald, yellow eyes
Divination: "To War is Human"

XP 14,000 xp (0 unspent)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
36 63 ++++ 28 (8)* 42++ (12) 63 ++++ 42+++ 42 ++ 45++ - 25

MV 6/12/24/48

Initiative: +26
Dodge: < 93 / Reaction pool: 14 per round
Amour reduction: 7 (20 vs. Psychic) / Wounds (17)
Fate Points: (2) / Remaining: 2
Insanity 15 / Corruption 8


Trained: Speak: Low Gothic (Int), High Gothic (Int)

  • Dodge +20 (AG), Shadowing +20 (AG), Tracking +20 (Int), Silent Move +20 (AG), Climb +20 (Str), Acrobatics +20 (AG) Concealment +20 (AG)
  • Awareness +10 (Per), Security +10 (AG), Contortionist +10 (AG),
  • Inquiry (FG), Deceive (FG), Common Lore – Underworld (Int), Intimidate (S), Literacy (Int), Forbidden Lore - Warp (Int), Forbidden Lore - Psykers (Int), Forbidden Lore - Demonology (Int),

Treated as Basic: Forbidden Lore –Cults (Int), Forbidden Lore – Heresy (Int),


Weapons training: Melee Weap training (Prim), Pistol training (Las), Basic Weap training (SP), Pistol training (SP),

General: Ambidextrous (Ignore penalty for using off hand), Paranoia (+2 to initiative rolls and the character is never treated as surprised), Jaded (Never gain insanity from mundane horrors), Lightning reflexes (add twice your agility bonus to initiative rolls), Rapid reaction (make AG check to act normally while surprised), Leap up (Stand up from prone as a free action) Sound Constitution x8 (increase wounds by 8), Resist: Fear (+10 bonus to resist all fear effects), Resist: Psychic powers (+10 to resist the effects of all psychic powers) Step Aside (May make two dodges or parries against a single source in a round), Amour of contempt (Reduce all sources of corruption gain by 1), Strong minded (May reroll any failed WP tests to resist psychic powers), Orthoproxy (+20 to resist attempts at mind control and interrogation), Fearless (Immunity to fear and pinning effects, however must make a WP test to leave combat)

Combat: Mighty shot (+2 damage on ranged attacks), Crack shot (+2 damage on critical), Rapid reload (half all reload times), Dead eye shot (Reduce the penalty of called shots to -10), Sharpshooter (ignore all penalties for all called shots), Quick draw (draw weapons as a free action), Marksman (ignore penalties for firing at long or extended ranges), Nerves of steel (Re-roll failed tests against pinning), Blind fighting (Take half the normal penalties for obscured vision), Arms master (use unfamiliar weapons at a -10 as opposed to -20)


Background: Blighted Origins (+5 per and gain the Paranoia talents, -3 to will and FG), Decayed society (treat certain skills as basic),

Innate: Sin Scarred (For the purposes of damage from demonic attacks of any kind, psychic powers, psy weapons, and holy weapons, you are treated as having the Unnatural Toughness (x2) Trait. In addition to this, gain a +20 on WP tests against demonic effects)*, Unnatural agility x2 (Double agility bonus for all listed effects)

Earned: Temple assassin (You may reroll any failed Acrobatics, climb, contortionist, or swim test, and in addition to this you gain a number of extra reactions a round equal to your AG bonus (8), further, the assassin may now dodge attacks which are normally impossible, such as: Massive explosions, wide vehicle crash, or an invisible psychic attack), Killing sprint (Up to a maximum of +30 to either ability, depending on the methods employed in the kill, if in a round the assassin would reduce an enemy to zero or less wounds, he gains a culminate +10 bonus in all following rounds in which he reduces an enemy to zero or less wounds), Son’s of Dispater membership (gain a set of benefits and penalties – already applied),


Contemporary Equipment

Weapons: Exitus Rifle + Custom Sight: Red dot (200m, Rate: S/_/_, Dam: 2d10+2I, Pen: 9, Clip: 10, Reload: Full, ~ Accurate ~, In-built: Silencer, fire selector, Telescopic sight, Craft: Best, ~ May be reloaded as a Reaction ~, ~ All dodge attempts suffer a -2o penalty ~), Exitus Pistol + Custom Sight: Red dot (30m, Rate S/3/_, Dam: 2d10+2I, Pen: 9, Clip: 5, Reload: Full, In-built: Silencer, Craft: Best, ~ Accurate ~, ~ All dodge attempts suffer a -20 penalty ~),

Gear: Vindicare Spy Mask (Very sophisticated gear. In-built: Multi-channel comm sensor, Auspex, Advanced high-quality magnoculars, Good quality photo-visor (granting the Dark sight trait and immunity to photon flashes), pict-recorder, rebreather, and vox caster. Further, the wearer may re-roll any failed perception checks and does not suffer the effect of increased range bracket vs. Camoline cloaks, ~ Contains pressure canisters of food and water for extended field work ~), Vindicare stealth suit + Hexagramical warding (Also very sophisticated gear. In-built: Camoline cloack, Synskin. Amour: 3 to all locations, grants +10 to dodge and +10 to toughness to resist toxics. +20 on concealment and move silently checks in addition to allowing for a concealment check to be made as a half action as opposed to full, further still, such concealment checks can be made while observed. The suit allows the wearer to remain invisible even from the Dark Sight trait, preysense and infra-red sensors. Further, this amour grants a +20 bonus on tests to resist any direct psychic attack or manipulation and doubles its amour against psychic attacks that deal direct damage, even further, this amour still applies against warp weapons. Craft: Best)

Notable Apparel: Dusters hat (This large hat is adorned atop the effect of a series of reasons; firstly, Solomon always wears his Vindicare mark, often with the front shifted to the top of his head, his hat disguises such and makes his status less obvious. However, more importantly, the inside of his hat is marked with an Immertia warding granting: For each instance on contact with chaos, the warp or other such vile powers; the wearer may ignore up to 6 points of corruption, 6 points of damage caused by psychic energies, and adds 6 points to his head amour when struck by demonic attacks, force weapons, etc), Duster (Always worn collar up, mainly used to disguise vindicare stealth suit underneath. Has a fake zip waist coat at the front, collapses once pocket watch is pulled)

Ammo: Exitus ammo x(Enough), Shield breaker round x1 (This shot ignores the deamonic trait, any protection from psychic powers, or protection from any field item. After being hit, any psychic abilities cease to function for 1 round), Hellfire round x1 (The weapon deals an additional 1d10 damage, may inflict righteous fury on a 9 or 10, and gains the 'Tearing' quality), Turbo-penetrator round x1 (+2d10 damage, +5 to the penetration, and you ignore the toughness bonus granted by the 'Unnatural toughness' trait)

Toys: Clip & Drop Harness + Line ascender (enables rappelling from buildings, rooftop safety and secures you in place, also grants +30 to climb checks and disables falling if failed), Spider Pads (Grants +30 to climb checks when scaling vertical surfaces), Mag-boots (when activated halves movement speed, however allows the walking on magnetic surfaces), Las-cutter (can cut through 10cm of metal a round), Multikey (grants +30 to security tests), Stummer (+30 to silent move checks while active, lasts 20 minutes with full charge), Pict recorder (used in the recording of images), Magnoculars (powerful vision enhancing tool with range of features),

Drugs: Pact of stimm’s x4 (1 does lasts 3d10 rounds, ignores any negative effect from damage, critical and grants stun immunity. Penalty after use),

In storage

Ranged: “Mara-dook" - Nomad Hunting Rifle + Silencer + Red-Dot laser sight + Fire selector (250M range, +30% hit on half aim +40% on full, deals 1d10+7+1d10 per degree of success to a max of 2d10 damage, Accurate, AP:6, Clip:5, -20 on awareness checks to hear the weapon fire, can switch between 3 different types of ammo), Compact Las Pistol (15m range, 1d10+1 damage, Clip:15, Reliable, easily concealed within palm of hand), Stub Automatic (30m range, 1d10+3 damage, Clip: 9),Fate bringer (40m range, Accurate, Reliable, 1d10+3 damage, AP:2, Clip:5), Silenced Auto-gun carbine (80M range, Rate: 1/3/10, shortened stock auto-gun, deals 1d10+3I damage, AP:0, Clip: 30, silenced, can full auto), Melee: Knife (1d5 damage), Amour and notable clothing: Guard Flak Amour (grants Amour: 4 to all arena's, includes a helmet) Cameleoline Cloak (+20 to concealment tests and if remain stationary you are counted at being at extreme range), Ammo Pouch: Basic Bullets (cost 1TP per 20 - x500), Man-stopper Bullets (costs 5tp per 6, increases weapon pen by 3 – x155)


Roliann Stern – (50xp expended) Scintillan Arms dealer – reduces the cost of weapons obtained by 20% and reduces the rarity by one level.
Magos Irdiel - (RP gained) Rogue Tech priest - reduces the cost of augmentic's by 20%

Contractors and Acquaintances

Angaivan the noble - 1 completed job on rival nobles leading designer.

Brief History

Note: events described here are intended to be expanded, upon the suitable correlation of imperial records with memories.

Inquisitorial service status: Active.

No one grows up happy on Sinophia, no one, not even the rich. The early life of Solomon is nothing fancy or special or even overly remarkable. He, like most of his generation and the generations before and after him, grew up on a dying world, a world dying not of war or famine or of any grand sacrifice for the Emperor, but of the unabashed greed of mankind.

Slums, corruption and crime were nothing new to young Solomon, with decay as a primary theme in his early days. A basic but largely sub standard education and the rough and tumble life of Sinophia meant that when the Imperial Guard recruiter came knocking, Solomon was signed up and in basic training before he even told his orphanage Matron he was leaving.

2 years in training saw Solomon placed in the position of sniper for his platoon and served largely without event, until his involvement in the “Dusk Macabre” attracted the eye of the inquisition to such a young man with a talent for survival and just the right personality mix of frig

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