Angle Vision (Covert) Mage can see around objects, corners, or other obstructions
Correspondence (Covert) Determine the sympathetic connection between people or objects
Finder (Covert) Know exactly where a small, nearby object is no matter how it is moved
Omnivision (Covert) The mage can see in all directions as if he had eyes on the back and sides of his head
Spatial Awareness (Covert) Gain Mage Sight, with a keen ability to see distortions in space
Spatial Map (Covert) Gain a mental map of your surroundings, eliminating penalties in combat


Apportation (Vulgar) Transport something through a scrying window. Requires Forces 2, Matter 2, or Life 2, depending on what is being teleported
Astral Beacon* (Covert) Mark a location in Astral Space so that allies can easily find it. Requires Mind 2
Bestow Spatial Awareness (Covert) Grant another person the "Spatial Awareness" spell
Conceal Sympathy (Covert) Hide a sympathetic connection between yourself and something/someone else
Follow Through (Vulgar) Reopen a spatial portal that has recently closed
Intrusion Warning (Covert) Alerts the mage whenever something passes into or out of spell's area
Moving Target * (Covert) Locate and trace the movements of person or object. Requires Time 2.
Scrying (Covert) View remote locations.
Untouchable (Covert) Tweak local space to protect you from attacks
Ward (Covert) Block an area against Space magic.
Locate Source * (Covert) Determines precise location where an object was made or an individual was born or died. To determine object's location requires Matter 1, where enchanted requires Prime 1, someone died requires Death 1, where born requires Life 1. Include Time 1 for precise time of event.


Avoidance Tactics (Covert) Grant others the benefit of the "Untouchable" spell.
Ban (Covert) Combine with appropriate other Arcana to prevent things from entering a warded area. (See Ward spell, above). Requires conjunctional Aracana appropriate to what is banned (Life for living things, Death for ghosts or vampires, etc.)
Destroy the Threads (Covert) Degrade a sympathetic connection
Double Shape (Covert) The mage merges two objects into one, so that at any given time, one object exists in the Material Realm, while the other co-exists with the object in a pocket dimension.
Expanded Volume (Vulgar) Adds to the internal volume of target container
Instill Elusiveness (Covert) Enchants an item so that it changes its position in space when it is touched by an unauthorized user
Instill Homing Instinct (Covert) Enchants an item so that it returns reliably to its owner's possession, even when the item's present location is unknown to her
Multispatial Perception (Covert) Scry mutliple locations simultaneously. Optional Mind 2 or Mind 3 to be able to focus intently on all locations at once
New Threads (Covert) Create or strengthen a sympathetic connection
Portal (Vulgar) Create a hole in space to transport you from one location to another
Ranged Blow (Vulgar) Deal melee attacks from afar.
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