The Object of the game is to be the last player standing.

General Notes & Mechanics:

Terminology of the Game:
  • Hex
  • Central Hex
  • Tile
  • Mana Reserve
  • Mana is the most vital resource in the game. It is the thing that enables movement and is required for most Actions. All Character pieces have Special Abilities which either manipulate access to Mana for others or cost Mana to use.
Players Turn
  • A players turn is broken down into two steps, their Action and their Move. On a players turn, they can opt to take their Action or their Move in any order.
  • Once a Player taken both their Action and their Move, their turn ends and the next player in the sequence takes their Action and Move accordingly.
  • Drain: Take 1 Mana token from the tile that Players totem is on, add it that Players Mana Reserve. If a Players totem is on a Central Hex, they Drain 1 mana from each adjacent hex instead.
  • Replenish: Remove 1 Mana token from the Players Mana Reserve, and place it on the tile that Players totem is on. You may choose to add an additional Mana token to a single adjacent non-central hex. This additional Mana token does not come from the Players Mana Reserve.
  • Take the Center: The Player forgoes any other Action they have in order to move their totem to the central hex of its tile. If this hex is occupied by another Players totem, it triggers a Power Struggle.
  • Prepare a Spell: The Player forgoes any other Action they have in order to draw 1, face-down, card from the Spell Deck. The Player may look at this card at any time, but is not revealed to the other players.
  • Lay a Trap: The Player forgoes any other Action they have in order to place a Trap Token on their current hex. This action may not be taken while the player is on a Central Hex
  • Special Action: In place of any of the actions listed above, the player may instead use their Class Totems "Special Action" ability, as listed for that Class.
  • Standard Move: Standard moves are the most common type of movement in the game. When a player takes a Standard Move, they check the current number of Mana Tokens on the hex that their Class Totem is currently on. If this number is above 0, the Player must move their Totem in a straight-line, a number of hexes, equal to the number of Mana Tokens on their starting hex. The Player must move the full number of hexes, and cannot stop their movement short for any reason.
    • Since the players movement happens in one action, they are not considered to enter any of the hexes they would pass through on their way to the hex which would finish their move. Traps the Totem passes over do not Spring and moving through an otherwise occupied hex does not trigger a Clash.
    • Straight Lines, in this context, refer to any line a players totem can make which crosses one or more adjoining flat faces of two or more adjoining hexes. Movement may not cross hexes or tiles in a diagonal manner, nor may it cross the corner edges of any given hex or tile.

A Clash is a special event which occurs whenever 2 or more Player Totems attempt to occupy the same hex at the same time. A Clash is an automatic effect which happens whenever this condition is met, regardless of either players intentions. If an effect from "Player C" would force the Totem of "Player B" onto a hex occupied by the Totem of "Player A", Player B and Player A must Clash, and resolve the Clash as normal.

  • Clash:
  1. Each Player selects any number of Spell Cards they own and commits those cards to the Clash. A Player may commit as many Spell Cards as they own to the Clash. Regardless of who wins the Clash, any cards committed to a Clash, even if they remain unused, are, at the end of the Clash, reshuffled into the Spell Deck.
  2. Players compare the total Mana in their respective Mana Reserves. If neither player has committed Spell Cards to the Clash, the Clash resolves based on these totals.
  3. Players alternate revealing their face-down Spell Cards and calculate any effects the cards may have. Once both players have revealed all their committed spell cards, the new "Effective Mana Reserve" of both players is compared and the Clash is resolved.
  4. Once each player has their "Effective Mana Reserve" calculated, the player with the higher overall total wins the Clash.
  5. The Winner of the Clash Drains 1 Mana Token from the Losers Mana Reserve and forces the Loser to move their Totem 1 space. The Loser of the Clash chooses the direction.
  • Power Struggle:
Losing the Game
  • Immobilization If, when attempting to take a Move Action, a Players Totem is on a hex tile with 0 Mana Tokens on it, that Players Totem is Immobilized. When a Players Totem becomes Immobilized, they lose the game.
  • Banishment If, as a result of either their own move, or the actions of another Player, a Players Totem would be forced to make a move which would place them on a hex not represented in the game (as in, forced to move off the game board), that Players Totem has been Banished. When a Players Totem becomes Banished, they lose the game
Winning the Game
  • Last Man Standing If, at any point, your Totem becomes the only Totem not either Banished or Immobilized, congratulations, you have won the game.

The Game Board:

The Spell Deck:

The Class Totems:

At the start of the game, in Player selects a class for their Totem. These classes are not restricted by the selection of other players, and more than 1 person can play any given class in a game. Once a class is chosen, it cannot be changed for the duration of the game.

The Alchemist
  • Class Feature:
  • Special Action:
  • Trap:
The Priest
  • Class Feature:
  • Special Action:
  • Trap:
The Druid
  • Class Feature:
  • Special Action:
  • Trap:
The Witch
  • Class Feature:
  • Special Action:
  • Trap:
The Scholar
  • Class Feature - Mana Manipulation For the purposes of Spell Cards, the Wizard's Mana Reserve is treated as though it is 1 point higher than its actual total, and any opponents Mana Reserve are treated as though it is 1 point lower than its actual total. This does not effect the actual amount of Mana in either players Mana Reserve.
  • Special Action - "Arcane Research" If the player would spend an action to Prepare a Spell, they draw an additional card from the Spell Deck.
  • Trap - "Duel" When this Trap is sprung, The Wizard may opt to start a Clash with the Trapped player, regardless of the Wizards position on the board. If the Wizard wins the Clash, they can move the Trapped players totem up to 1 additional space further than a normal Clash. If this Trap was sprung from a Central Hex, the Wizard may move the trapped players totem up to 3 additional spaces further than a normal Clash.
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