Test Character Star Wars 1


XP Earned XP Unspent XP Total
0 5 (120)

Character & Description

Morality & Conflicts
Morality (50)

Derived Stats
Defense Soak Wounds Strain
() () () ()

Characteristics & Skills
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
(2) (2) (2) (2) (3) (3)

~ {60xp}

Skill Rank
Charm [2]
Knowledge (Lore) [2]
Discipline * [2]
Perception [1]
Negotiation [1]
Melee * [1]

~ {25xp}

  • Non-Career skill

Traits & Special Abilities
Career The Mystic
Career Skills: Charm, Coercion, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Perception, Vigilance - A Mystic automatically gains a rank in 3 of these skills, and gains a discount on increasing them with future exp
Force Rating: A Mystic begins play with Force Rating: (1)
Specialization Advisor
Starting Advisor Skills: Charm, Deception, Negotiation, Streetwise - If this is the characters starting Specialization, Choose two of these gains and gain 1 free rank in each

Species Traits Human
Base Characteristics: Humans start with (2) in each characteristic
Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower
Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn
Starting Exp: {110} xp
Human Skills: Humans start the game with one rank in different non-career skills of their choice. They still may not train these skills above rank 2 at character creation.

Talents & Force Powers
Mystic Specialization Talents
Advisor Talents
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Plausible Deniability: Remove < per rank of Plausible Deniability from Coercion and Deception checks - Grit: Gain +1 Strain threshold -
- - Knowledge Is Power: Once per session, when making a check, count Force Rating as being equal to rank Knowledge (Lore) -

~ {20xp}

Force Talents
Move Powers Upgrade
Base The Force user can move small objects via the power of the Force. The user may spend {} to move one object of silhouette 0 that is within short range up to his maximum range. The default range is short range. Cost: 10
Range Spent <> to increase Powers range by a number of page bands equal to range upgrades purchased Cost: 5

~ {15xp}

Equipment & Gear

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