The Hunters Casebook

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Herein lies the so far collected information by a cell of Hunters from Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland compiled together for purposes of understanding better the mysteries they have uncovered.

Allies and Contacts:

Lilly Higgins:

  • Ex-Hunter
  • Lives in North Belfast (Woodvale)
  • Knows magic (witch?)
  • Has access to a decent sized Occult Library
  • Considers herself retired from active Hunting
  • Old Friends with Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow:

  • Hunter
  • Currently in critical condition after fight with Kilaena Demon
  • Was stabbed with blade of Erathas ritual dagger
  • Gave a journal to Tom Hardy for delivery to Lilly Higgins

Detective Edward Hughes:

  • Young upcoming detective within the police
  • Strict on procedure and largely dedicated
  • Annoying wispy moustache
  • Possible Homosexual must remember to investigate further
  • Intent on rising up the ranks
  • Working on the Wilbur Taylor and Gary Barlow cases
  • Direct superior to Adam Knight

Sean McLoughlin: (missing)

  • Brought car to Marc Malloy for M.O.T.
  • Since gone missing
  • Lives in North Belfast (New Lodge)
  • Had pictures in car taken around Grand Opera House bar
  • Pictures featured blurred characters with no reflection
  • Characters believed to be vampires
  • Also found revolver in boot of car

Caroline Kelly

  • Sean McLoughlin’s girlfriend
  • Emotionally distraught
  • Hasn’t seen Sean in days

Things that go bump in the night

Kilaena Demon:

  • Can only be killed by Blade of Erathas
  • Humanoid shape
  • Able to climb walls
  • Spotted by Tom Hardy in East Belfast (Dundonald) at Leisure Centre
  • Also seems to be called Aesol
  • Further Details unknown


  • Cast no reflection in mirrors
  • Appear blurred in pictures
  • Presumably drink blood
  • Common Knowledge
  • Harmed by sunlight/Sparkle brightly
  • Stronger and faster than humans
  • Immortal/Undead
  • Dislike crosses and garlic
  • Unable to cross running water (debatable)
  • Can create spawn by biting a human
  • Able to control humans and beasts through supernatural means
  • Can turn into mist/bats
  • Killed by decapitation or a stake to the heart
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