Each man must kill the thing he loves

PC's in bar, having casual drink

In rushes [powerful higher up], demanding strong drinks and pounding them back fast

Pushed, he will explain that vampires have kidnapped his [Sleepwalker agent (Lover)], but have left no demands and tracing magic is drawing up a blank - [he] planned to find him in Astral space to find him, but can't do it himself as [events] have seen him barred from going astral himself

Party are to take up the search, enter astral space, find his psychic reflection, use it to enter his Orienary, use it to discern what he knows and use it to find him and rescue him. Simple.

Journey through the astral is tough (random encounter), but finding the reflection is easy enough. As a sleep walker his Orinenary isn't really defended

Entering, something isn't right, mind and soul have been trashed but no signs of anything missing. Signs point to a struggle [Internal conflict] more than an assault

Series of different parts of his psyche which have been damaged, trying to track the source plus find his shattered memories (drugged). The message "The point of the hunt is always the kill" shows up everywhere with no explanation

PC's must battle way through resistant mind, battling mental trauma, all the while being stalked by some strange and uncatachable shadow predator

Psycho-sexual turmoil should become more apparent the closer the PC's get to the source of the trouble.

Revelation: Vampire blood is in him, enough to start causing emotional turmoil but enough him for a full blood bond, the shadowy stalker is the psychic reflection of the Deava who has him. The battle goes down in the sleepwalkers metaphysical libido/heart but the reflection cannot be destroyed with mere damage, and must be symbolically cut out - but he has wrapped himself around the sleepwalkers greatest love (which the blood bond would seek to topple and replace) the PC's must be careful of their choice

  • The vampire seeks to corrupt his love, and make it all about him
  • Cutting out the vampire would destroy all he currently loves
  • The mages can leave the body, knowing of the vampire whom they need to find the information of where he is - leaving the reflection still inside - they known the reflection could have taken full hold by now if he wished, but has not been given enough external blood of his true self to make it so - and he knows why. The sleepwalker is a bargaining chip

Meeting with the real vampire IRL, he'll have no clue how you all know so much about him and his plan, but not pay too much attention to it. Offers a deal

  • "find the mage i'm looking for, and bringing the briefcase he never sets down, I must have it within 4 days"
  • the vampire won't kill the sleepwalker unless forced to, rather his threat is to give him enough blood for a full blood bond and "kill his love" for the [powerful higher up] by choking it out. A fate worse than death.

PC's agree (as death and gang war erupt at the refusal) and are given a bit of the skin of said briefcase to track him down. The mage is called mad eyes. The case is not to be opened!!!

He is not easy to find, and will resist giving up the case. He is a powerful Mage, but bonkers. The fight goes down and the PC's will end up with the briefcase. They have never been told what is meant to be in it. Mad Eyes uses strange powers that don't feel like supernal magic as normal mages use, his recognisable mage spells also have a funny feel to them. They are a bit more "chaotic and mad"

Mages get the case and exchange it for the sleepwalker, who will pass the vampires blood in a few days and loose all trace of the grasp the vampire had on his love.

Vampire invites the PC's to a grand ball in a few nights hence, in recompense and to show "no hard feelings". At the ball it is revealed that it is the Princes 150th wedding Anni and he was making a big deal. The Vampire is an "up and coming" trying to gather favour within the court.

The briefcase contains Glamour, the fuel of Fey magick, which Mad Eyes used instead of mana. The glamour is to be consumed by the prince and his wife, so that they may have 1 night of true emotion once more. Upon consuming, they have a brief moment of sexual passion before the prince kills his wife horribly, as he now feels the pressure of 150 years of repressed hate. He then breaks down and weeps like he never has before for his lose of love, and orders the vampire who presented it to him to be killed brutally for doing this to him.

The point of the hunt is always the kill. Its a moral story which will be worked through out the adventure. Odd.

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