This Week In Creation

Campaign Launch!

Soon we will be launching an expanded campaign with a vastly more centralised plot. Changes to peoples backgrounds and abilities may be made/suggested in order to make motivate group cohesion and tie in the characters to the game further.

Changes such as the adding of Solar Bonds, Altering of connections and backings, the odd altering of background dots here and there, may occur. If you don't like the idea of any of the changes, feel free to talk about them to me or Glenn as we spend some time working on the game.

Also, if anyone wishes to reroll their character (with the same xp) they can feel free to do so.

House Rules and Errata

XP Gains:

As suggested in GM guide, a variant XP system is in effect depending on your exaltation type, varying on each tier.

- Solar/Abyssal/Infernal - Standard XP progression
- Lunar/Sidereal/Alchemical - 1 bonus XP per two sessions
- Dragonblood - 2 bonus XP per 3 sessions.

*retro active gains have been applied.

It also bears mentioning that there are 2 types of XP; Base and Personal. Base XP is the XP gained through attendance and story progression plus any XP that should be included due to exalt type (above). Base XP is a party constant (excluding the exalt type XP). Personal XP is just that XP gained through stunts and personal motivation progression and is what is actually recorded on the character sheets. If a character has Personal XP above Base XP that's ok. If a character has Personal XP below Base XP they will gain an extra 1 or 2 XP in order to help catch up. (The numbers aren't set as this system needs to run to allow fora feel)

Perfect defences:

All perfect defences now have an additional cost of 1wp the first time they are used in a tick.

Minimum damage:

Minimum damage is now 1/2 (half) Essence as opposed to full Essence.

Xufi Shovelrow

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