Tony Stroguard

“Aw right me wee duckies”

Clan: Gargoyle Bloodline: None
Nature: Bon Vivant Demeanour: Socio-path
Generation: (10th)

= History =

XP total: (12)
XP unspent: 2

= Attributes =

Physical Attributes
Strength: (4), Dexterity: (3), Stamina: (3)

Mental Attributes
Perception: (2), Intelligence: (4), Wits: (2)

Social Attributes:
Manipulation: (2), Charisma: (3), Appearance: (0)

= Abilities =

Talents: Athletics (3) Brawl (3) Intimidation (3) Subterfuge (2)
Knowledges: Academics (2) Investigation (2) Politics (2) Occult (3)
Skills: Melee (3) Firearms (2)

= Clan traits =


Potence: (3) Gain a number of bonus dice on all Strength rolls equal to the dot rating of this discipline, further, by spending a point of blood, Tony may trade in these bonus dice for an equal number of automatic successes
Fortitude: (3) When calculating soak derived from Stamina (bashing and lethal) add the dot rating of fortitude to the total. Further, Tony may soak a number of aggravated damage equal to the number of dots in this discipline
Flight: (2) At this level the character is capable of actual flight, with a running start. Speed is equal to 30mph.
Visceratika - -
(1) Skin of the Chameleon:
Weakness A Gargoyles appearance is always zero due to their unique origins. Further there slave past means that their willpower is treated as 2 lower for resisting mind control

= Backgrounds =

Generation (3) Tony begins play as a 10th generation vampire, a reflect of the rough power of the Tremere who built him centuries ago Free
Status: Giovanni (2) Respected: Tony's many years of thuggery have afforded him a begrudging respect among people members of the Giovanni hegemony Freebie
Resources (2) As a 'respectable small business man', Tony earns a tidy profit Freebie
Influence: Mafia (2) ?? Freebie

= Merits & Flaws =

Flaws Eerie Presence (-2pts) Mortals are very uncomfortable around Tony, and he hence suffers a -2 penalty on all social rolls with them
Grip of the damned (-4pts) There is no pleasure in your embrace, mortals upon whom you feed must be constantly grappled
Cast no reflection (-1pts) Much like some other clans, Tony does not cast a reflection. A tell-tale sign of vamprism

= Virtues & Road =

Path Bearing
Power and the Inner Voice Command
Courage (2) Instinct (3) Conviction (5)
Willpower (5)

= Blood & Vitae =

Maximum Blood pool: (13) Current Blood Pool: (??) Blood per round (1pr)

= Status and Equipment =

Weapon: Broadsword - +2 Acc on Str+Melee attacks -
Armour: Full Flak armoured combat gear AR: (4), Pen: 2

= Health, Soak & Defences =

Soak Bashing: (10) Lethal: (10) Aggravated: (7/3)

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