Veronika Espin

“As a child I was told to take good care of my toys, now I am older and my joys require a care so precise that 'good' hardly does it justice…”


Caste: - Water Anima: - The Rippling Halo
Concept: - Odd young girl with knowledge beyond her years. Keeper and watched by an ancient artifice of the first-age.

Motivation: - To reverse engineer the secrets of her automata lab and bring about further advance to creation.
XP total: , XP unspent: ,

= History =

Born the daughter of a lookshy naval engineer, Veronika spent much of her formative years in and around the various ship yards and naval lanes of the kingdom. Her father, while not an exalt himself, came from good blood and his lack of exaltation was unexpected.

Veronika's childhood was largely uneventful, with no mother to care for her and no real one place to call home, it was only her and her fathers travels which kept her occupied. An exceptionally bright child, at an early age she showed promise as a future engineer, much like her father, however as a child of good blood her father held high hopes that she might exalt.

Her fathers wishes came true on the most resonating day of Veronika's life. While playing in a care-free manner, as is often observed of children, on a small chain of islands where her father was employed as part of a dry-dock, she came across the first thing to ever truly spark her nigh-dormant intellect. Whilst splashing about in the lappings of a gentle waterfall, she noticed an odd shimmer from the cave just behind the falling stream, noticing was not easy as her mind simply did not want to focus upon the place, however her curiosity won through and she investigated this odd glimmer of light.

Discovering the area was solid, yet invisible, young Veronika began to probe and poke the structure until her fingers caught a hold of a latch whereupon she was tossed to the ground as 2 large, silvery doors swung open. The inside of the space-that-was-not-there was confusing at first, but her knowledge of shipyards had given her a keep eye for those tools as used by workers and she recognised this place as some sort of workshop, though long abandoned.

As her exploration continued deep into the workshop, she found grand libraries, tools of truly awesome design and legions of metal men - long since covered with dust, still in their tracks. Most of all however, towering above all else in the shop was a massive 25ft construct unlike anything Veronika had ever seen before. Despite all her new discovery however, she had no way of using anything within the workshop, it just did not seem to want to work for her.

Not returning to her home that night, Veronika spent time pouring through all the tomes she could find in the library. Much of it was vastly beyond her, much of it she could not even read

= Attributes =

Physical Attributes
Strength: 2, Dexterity: 4, Stamina: 1,

Mental Attributes
Perception: 2, Intelligence: 4, Wits: 4,

Social Attributes:
Manipulation: 2, Charisma: 3, Appearance: 4,

= Abilities =

Archery (2), Athletics (2), Craft - Magitech (6*), Craft - Earth (4*), Craft - Water (2*), Linguistics (3), Lore (5), Martial arts (4), Occult (5), Performance (1), Presence (1), Ride (1), Sail (4), Stealth (1), War (2)

= Backgrounds =

Artefact (5) - Royal warstrider & warstrider AI, Savant (3), Manse (3) - See Manse section for design, Arsenal (4) - Biomagitech upgrades :Bracer's of Universal crafting, Aegis inset amulets,Prosthetic eye of clockwork elegance , Breeding (1)

= Essence and Virtues =

Compassion: 3/ Conviction: 2/ Temperance: 1/ Valour: 3

Virtue flaw -

Willpower: 6


Rating: 3 = Personal: 11/ Peripheral: 12/ Committed: 15

Anima Effect: 5m [R] - 1day duration
The exalt can act and move underwater without any impediment or negative effect, to the point of being able to use thrown or fired weapons to their full effect. The exalt may also walk on liquid without sinking.

= Status and Equipment =


  • Bracer's of Universal crafting: Activating the artefact costs 2m per scene, the artificer adds his essence (3) in additional successes to all tasks which require fine manipulation (lock picking, crafting, etc)
  • Aegis inset amulets: reduces the cost to attune artefacts by 2m to a minimum of 1m
  • Folding servant: This very handy little servant can perform all forms of basic tasks, is an expert craftsman and has many other handy skills (3m attune)
  • Prosthetic eye of clockwork elegance: Grants the bearer "essence sight" in his augmented left eye, this means that the eye can see through any solid or loose barrier which has any single point of density of greater than 1inch, only spells or charms can fool this sight with illusion (3m attune)
"Patriarch Prime-essent" - Royal Warstrider (Starmetal and blue jade)
Stats: S: 14/D: -/S: -/P: 2/I: 3/W: 3/M: 2/C: 3/A: 3/
Amours and armoury: Soak: 24 (Counts for B/L and A)
Essence, motes and attunement: Essence (3) - 30 (AI) Pool, 40 (reserve) pool - 15m attuned
Notes: Mr. Brightly can telepathically communicate with anyone attuned to him within 5 miles, he can make attempts to stop new users becoming attuned to him, he has memories dating back to the first age, can project phantasmal pilot for appearance checks, he has 6 charms
Charms: Measure the wind, Tracking, Camouflage, Donning spiritual amour, Uncanny prowess
Virtues: Compassion: 2/Conviction: 2/Temperance: 3/Valour: 2/

Heartstone and Manse:

Veronika's manse is not there, at least as far as everyone else is concerned. The manse itself is a grand workshop, placed in a vast cave just behind a waterfall. Though not beyond total sight, the steps taken to conceal it suggest that its original owners certainly did not want it found. It was this manse that was her secret hide out as a child, where she found all sorts of ancient wonders to play with and first learned the great skills of her artifice. The workshop is exceptionally well equipped and is staffed by a varietal army of clockwork workers.
Manse points: 13 (rating: 6 + maintenance: 3 + Fragility: 2 + Habitability: 2)

  • Well favoured (the manse grants a +1 bonus to all die rolls within the manse, for those attuned) [1mp]
  • Control centre (allows for full control and operation of the manse and its operations) [2mp]
  • WorkShop Manse - Magitech (the manse is a flawless workshop, like that of the shogunate era and fully tooled and equipped as such. The penalty for repairing first-age check is reduced to only +1) [3mp]
  • Bound-Servitor force (Loyal and intelligent clockwork servitors run and operate the manse, with a number of them equal to the manses rating (3) in magnitude) [3mp]
  • Greater veil of shadows (The manse is nigh undetectable. Except for accidentally bumping into it, there is almost no way to know the manse is there, as it subtly subverts any observers perceptions to ignores it. It gives off no tactile impressions and the land around it does not seem altered by its presence) [4mp]
  • Jewel of the masters hand: Confers a +4 bonus on craft (earth) rolls, a +1 bonus to all other elemental crafting and a +1 to esoteric crafting *

Other items:

- Buff Jacket (+3L/4B, Mob -1, Fat 2)


Dodge D.V =
Mental D.V =

Health and soak:

-0 []
-1 [], []
-2 [], []
-4 []
Incap []



= Charms =

Air Aspect:
- Lore:

  • Elemental Bolt Attack (1m per 2L) [Sim]

- Linguistics:

  • Wind carried words technique (1m per message + distance) [Sim]

Earth Aspect:
- Craft:

  • Shaping Hand Style (2m) [Sim]
  • Stone-craving fingers form (1m per cubic foot) [Sim]

Water Aspect:
- Sail:

  • Hurricane predicting glance (1m) [Sim]
  • Storm out-running technique (3m) [Sim]
  • Fine Passage style (3m) [R]
  • Sturdy bulkhead concentration (3m) [Sim]

= Dice Pool cheat sheet =

= Play style

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