White Lightning of the black skies.



Caste: - Scourge Anima: -
Patron: - Ajoran, Favoured: Malfeas
Concept: - Overthrown Child king of a distant land.
Motivation: - To destroy the people over whom he held dominion.
Age: 11
XP total: 71, XP unspent:8 ,

= History =

Something about a distant land and his throne being taken away from him. Shadow of power is also some how connected to his former life

= Attributes =

Mental Attributes
Intelligence: 1 , Wits: 4, Perception: 4

Physical Attributes
Strength: 3, Dexterity: 5, Stamina: 3

Social Attributes:
Appearance: 2, Manipulation: 1, Charisma: 5

= Abilities =

Melee: 5, War: 2, Integrity: 1, Resistance: 3, Lore: 2,
Occult: 3, Athletics: 4, Awareness: 3, Dodge: 2, Stealth: 5,
Linguistics: 1 - flame tongue (native)& Old realm, socialise: 1,


Melee: Diklave +1

= Backgrounds =

Manse (3) - No details, probably in his old kingdoms royal manse, Artefact (2) - Wave cleaver Diklave, Resources (2), Backing (1) - Yozi, Cult (1), Influence (1) - Hell,

= Essence and Virtues =

Compassion: 1/ Conviction: 4/ Temperance: 2/ Valour: 3

Virtue flaw - Conviction

Vib, make this up!

[ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ],


Rating: 3 = Personal: 16/ Peripheral: 28/ Committed: 10*

*Weapon is not yet attuned.

Anima Effect:

= Unique features =


Positive Intimacy(s)::

Negative Intimacy(s):

= Status and Equipment =


- Wave cleaver Diklave: Speed: 5, Acc: +3, Dam: +7/3, Def +1, Rate: 2, Attune: 10

Heartstone and Manse:

Other items:

- 1 hearthstone of level 3 or lower


Dodge D.V =
Mental D.V =

Health and soak:


= Charms =

- Wind born stride:Increases the infernals dashing speed by essence per the number of times buying the charm, also removes some running penalties (N/A) [P] {Sx3}

- Death-dealing journey: The infernal may reflexively dash without incurring flurry penalties for doing so (3m) [R] ~V~

- Who strikes the wind: Perfect dodge vs. any physical attack that is not unexpected. This charm is vulnerable to "The Imperfection of the silent wind" (3m) [R]

- Joy in violence approach: The first time the Infernal makes a join battle roll in a scene she regains a point of willpower (2 if its social) in addition to this the Infernal may spend up to the lower of her dex or wits (4) in motes to gain that many bonus dice in a join battle roll, with automatic success equal to the number of times she bought Wind born stride (3) - (1m per die) [S]

- Running to forever: Dashing no longer causes fatigue for the Infernal, in addition to this, at current essence (3) also counts as resting for the purposes of elevating fatigue. (N/A) [P]

- Unimpeded Perfection of exertion: While running the Infernal is hard to track. The target gains a +3 stealth speciality (which does not stack with other bonuses of the kind) and increases the DC to track her movements by the lower of her dex or athletics (4) (N/A) [P] ~V~

- Gravity rebuking Grace: While Dashing the Infernal move across vertical and even inverted surfaces as though they were the ground. If falls normally if his movement is anything below a dash (N/A) [P]

- Faster than sight: While moving at full dashing speed, the Infernal is invisible and Inaudible, this state confers a -2 penalty to notice and attack him. It also grants 2 bonus successes on contested stealth rolls (however these bonuses do not stack). If a perfect tracking charm contests this, add the Infernal's essence is automatic successes. (5m) [R] ~V~


- By pain reforged: For the rest of the scene, the Infernal does not suffer the wound penalties conferred by bashing damage. Other forms of damage effect her normally (1 BHL) [R]

- Pathetic distraction Rebuke: The Infernal may ignore penalties to her parry DV, regardless of what means she is using to parry. In addition to this, if the Infernal has "By Pain reforged" active, she may add her supposed would penalty to her parry DV. (3m) [R]

- Insignificant Embers Intuition: The Infernal may make a Perception + Awareness roll to gauge the relative essence strength of an opponent as opposed to his own. (2m) [R]

- Green sun nimbus flare: The infernal may augment an attack on an opponent who is Essence (3) yards away or less. If the infernal inflicts any damage on the target, that target takes 2 additional levels of unsoakable lethal damage during step 10 (3m) [S]

- Scar-Writ Saga Shield The Infernal gains her stamina (3) to soak as opposed to half, and gains bashing hardness equal to his stamina (3). In addition to this the Infernal adds his essence (3) to his natural bashing and lethal soak, but hardness remains unaffected. (N/A) [P] {Sx2}

- Viridian Legend Exoskeleton: For the remainder of the scene, the Infernal gains vast brass body amour which confers +10L/+10B soak and has a hardness equal to the soak to attacks that are not made with the aid of a charm or artefact weapon. (10m + 1wp) [Sim, Sp: 7]

= Dice Pool cheat sheet =

Melee swing: 16/14 (Dex + Melee = 10 + Weap Acc + 3, + 1 SP = 14, with decent stunt = 16)

= Play style =

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