Human (Mage): Moros; Minuteman of the Free Council; Apprentice Powersmith of the Forgemasters; Practitioner of the Forge style

Shadow Name: Vulcan

"I've always build weapons, but it won't be all that I am"

Virtue: Fortitude / Vice: Pride

Concept: The Strong silent type. Pragmatic "One step ahead" gadgeteer. Witness to a cosmically humbling awakening. Repentant enabler with blood on his hands.

Aspirations and Motivations: To "break good" with his skills and do something for the betterment of the world. To avoid and forget any connection to his old life. To put himself between those who would abuse superior power and those who they wield it over.

Description: Dwight Crawford, 31, Caucasian Male with brown-grey hair, noticeable scaring on both face and hands. Approx 6"2ft, 210ibs, light grey 'perma-stubble'. Slight Scottish accent.

XP Awarded: (20) Arcane XP Awarded: (6) Arcane XP committed: (1) per story
XP Remaining: - Arcane XP Remaining: (5)


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (4), Wits (3), Resolve (2)

Physical Attributes
Strength (3), Dexterity (2), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (2), Manipulation (1), Composure (4)


Mental Academics (1) Craft* (5) Occult (3) Science* (3)
Physical Athletics (3) Weaponry (4)
Social Intimidate (2) Streetwise (2)


  • Craft: [Metallurgy], [Weaponsmiting]
  • Weaponry: [Improvised]

(*) = Rote Specialities


High Speech (1) By chanting aloud in ancient Atlantean, the caster can gain a +2 bonus on his next spell casting roll Granted: Template
Sanctum (1) Vulcan lives and keeps shop in a series of joined shipping containers near the docks. The dots are devoted to size (2 joined containers) as the style and location will hopefully be secure enough Bought: 2xp
Workshop (1): Each dot of this merit provides a +3 bonus on all craft rolls based on a craft speciality the character possesses. For Vulcan, the selected speciality is "Metallurgy" Bought: 2xp
Status - Free Council (1) Minuteman: The Free Council does not believe in a standing army, nor to they think it is needed. When a crisis occurs, it is the duty of each citizen to stand up for the cause. Practicalities however prevent the ideal from being functionally recognised, and when shit goes down, Vulcan often gets one of the first calls Bought: 2xp
Resources (1) Thanks to the internet, it is now very possible for skilled craftsman to make a profitable business creating custom works for customers all over the world. Vulcan operates a website, run under a pseudonym, that does just that. Allowing for a steady, if small, income. Bought: 2xp
Mentor (1) Fulcrum - A Moros master of the Forgemasters legacy and retired from the Admantine Arrows, Fulcrum has taken on Vulcan as an apprentice. He is one of the few known Forgemasters within the UK, and personally conducted his initiation ritual. Though formerly very close, Fulcrum has withdrew himself within the last several months, only keeping up casual relations with his apprentice. Bought: Merits

Mage traits

Gnosis: (3)
Matter (3) Prime (2) Death (2)

Attainments and Legacy Powers

The Masters Hand Gnosis 3, Prime 2, Matter 2, Craft 3 (1st)
Able to work away any slight imperfection in a tool, this attainment replicates the Matter 2 spell "Alter Accuracy", granting the 9-again quality to items used by the Mage. An item gains this quality a number of items per day equal to the Mages Prime dots. Further, the Mage can automatically see the details of magical objects as if using the Prime 1 spell "Analyse Enchanted Item". An Int + Occult + Prime roll may however be required for details of a working


Alter integrity (3) Int + Craft + Matter + Misc (14) Successes on roll can be used to either add or subtract points of durability from objects (At touch range), deducted points effect objects structure according. Covert
Shape Liquid (2) Dex + Craft + Matter + Misc (12) Successes roll equals the amount of liquid which can be moved and a further crafts roll can be made to discover the level of complexity to which the object can be shaped. Covert
Instil Mortality (1) Int + Craft + Death + Misc (12) Release control of a magical Item Covert

Soulstone and Magical styles

Silver Band Moros Soulstone: +1 Dice to Matter & Death Spells, Paradox and vulgarity reduction Shaped and worn in the style of a featureless silver wedding band on the right hand
Forge Style Magical style based around symbolic acts of crafting and destruction, favouring the practices of Perfecting, Weaving, and Fraying, aiding in the creation of imbued items. +1 to the Dice pool of spells Matter, Prime, and Death -3xp to the cost of Imbued Items
Volcanic eruption A smell of brimstone, a flash of heat and a sense of surrounding darkness. A realisation of being in nature's forge, the heart of a Volcano
  • XP spent: 10


Wisdom: (5) Mana: (10/10)
Health: (7/7) Willpower: (7/7)
Initiative: +6 Defence: 2 Amour: 1/0 Speed: 10



Tools, Gear and other items:

Dedicated Magical tool: Blacksmiths Hammer - Dam: n/a (B), Size: 1, Dur: 3. Mitigates 1 dice of Paradox when used as part of spell casting Often repaired and modified with Vulcan's knowledge of Matter


The simple truth to the modern world is that while there are many ways to kill, since their invention, there has been two things which have killed more people than any other weapon ever devised by man; Guns, and the people who make guns. Dwight makes guns. Other rather, he did. Past tense. Both in the past, and tense about it.


Cheat Sheet:

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