Xanthis, Missionary Templaris

Imperial world Priest


the gun is mightier than the sword

Fit build, 1.75m, 70kg
24 yo, dark skin, dyed hair, blue eyes
electoo of the imperial aquilla, agriworlder

XP 4700xp (50 unspent)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
34 43 * 31 * 42 ** 24 34 26 40 ** 40 **

MV 2/4/6/8

Wounds 15
Fate Points 3
Insanity 2
Corruption 0
Income 300 tpm

Current wealth 481tg


Trained: Awareness +10, Charm, Command +10, Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) +10, Common Lore (Imperium), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Cults), Forbidden Lore (Heresy), Inquiry +10, Interrogation, Literacy, Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed), Scholastic Lore (legends), Secret Tongue (acolyte, ecclesiarchy), Speak Language (low Gothic, high Gothic), Trade (copyist), Trade (valet)

Treated as Basic: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (War)


Weapons training: Basic Weapon Training (primitive), Melee Weapon Training (chain, primitive), Pistol Training (bolt, SP)

General: Air of Authority (command 1d10+FB on command check, can command non-servants on -10), Blessed Ignorance (-5 to all Forbidden Lore tests), Iron Discipline (those under Xanthis' command can reroll Will tests against Fear and pinning while in sight of him), Master Orator (Fel tests and Fel-based skill tests affect 10x normal number of people), Peer (Ecclesiarchy) (+10 to Fel-based tests when interacting with the Ecclesiarchy), Unshakable Faith (may reroll failed Will tests to resist fear)

Combat: Blademaster (reroll a missed attack with a blade or sword, inc chainswords & powerswords, once per round), Iron Jaw (make Toughness test to negate stunning), True Grit (halve all Critical Damage results, rounded up), Strong Constitution (x2)


Ranged weapons bolt pistol with red dot sight (Range 30m; RoF S/2/-; Dmg 1d10+5 X; Pen 4; clip 8; Rld full; tearing, +10 to aimed attacks),
autopistol with manstoppers (Range 30m; RoF S/-/6; Dmg 1d10+1 I; Pen 3; Clip 18; Rld full)

Melee weapons: Vindication of the Saints - good quality sanctified chain-sword (base dmg 1d10+5, AP 3, tearing, balanced, holy)

Amour and notable clothing: flak-woven hooded ecclesiarchic robes with carapace armour chestpiece (AP 5 body, AP 4 all others)

Gear: filter plugs (+20 to Toughness tests to resist gas), good quality photo-contacts (grants dark sight, immune to flash effects), chrono, microbead, 4 candles, charm, stimm (2 doses)

Ammo Pouch: bolt pistol (3 clips), autopistol (8 clips of manstopper rounds)



Contractors and Acquaintances


Brief History

Note: events described here are intended to be expanded, upon the suitable correlation of imperial records with memories.

Inquisitorial service status: Active.


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