Yana Jaga Baba
"Yana Jaga Baba": Orge (Seeming); Troll (Kith) + Oracle (Kith) + Draconic (Kith) - Autumn Court () - Pilgrim of the Endless Road (Entitlement)


Virtue: Prudence / Vice: Sloth


Age: ??
XP total: 40 (+10 Clarity), XP unspent: 4


Mental Attributes
Intelligence (2), Wits (2), Resolve (3)

Physical Attributes
Strength (4), Dexterity (2), Stamina (2)

Social Attributes:
Presence (2), Manipulation (2), Composure (2)


Mental Academics (2) Craft (3) Occult (4) Medicine (2)
Physical Athletics (3) Brawl (4)
Social Empathy (2) Intimidation (2)


  • Occult: [Hedge]
  • Brawl: [Glamoured]
  • Crafts: [Hedge-spinning]


Mantle ~ Autumn (3) - Starting + Granted
Lethal Mien (2) - Starting
Hallow (2) Yana's Hallow sits under the ground level of his small down-town shop, it is a small but cosy room which has enough space for possible expansion. As standard, this hallow has 1 door in the material world and 1 door in the hedge Starting
Size (1) - A Small apartment. Amenities (1) - Homely but plain
Workshop (2) Located at the rear of his shop, Yana's workshop confers a bonus equal to its rating in a number of Crafts equal to its rating. Yana has arranged his workshop to grant him a +2 bonus on craft checks while Hedge-spinning and Goblin-fruit farming Bought
Brute Force (2) - Granted
Falling Pillar: Gain 9-again trait on Brawl attacks by spending 1w
Crush and Bite: Str+Brawl rolls during a grapple cause lethal damage to opponent
Pledge-Smith (2) Yana has a good grasp of the workings of Pledges, he gains a +2 bonus on any roll involving the crafting, drafting, discussing or use of a pledge - baring the use of powers granted by them Bought
Goblin Vow (2) Yana, through his deep connection with the witchery of The Baba Yaga has learned to reach into the Wyrd and connect himself directly to these forces. Yana may now make one-sided pledges with the concepts of Cook-ware and Witches Bought
Resources (1) While "Weed and Wild" is in no danger of becoming a massive success, San Frans local weirdos and hippies patron it enough for Yana to get by modestly Starting

Magical traits

Wyrd: (3)
Seeming Orge Traits: Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Strength, Brawl and Intimidate, Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Composure (Except for perception rolls, Wits + Composure), -1 Penalty when using Composure as a defense trait (Subtracting defense from a characters dice pool).
Kith(s) Troll Unyielding Voice: Spend Glamour, add Strength to all Manipulation rolls.
Oracle Panomancy: Can tell the future as though they had the Common Sense Merit
Draconic Dragon's Talon: Spend Glamour, reroll a Brawl attack, once per scene. +1 to Brawl rolls


Stone (3) Name Effect Catch Cost
Might of the Terrible Brute Each success adds one to Strength for the turn, Str + Wyrd Fighting multiple opponents while unarmed 1G
Ogre’s Rending Grasp Each success destroys one Durability of target, Str + Wyrd Attempting to remove a barrier 2G
Display Grandiose Might Add Wyrd to Strength for non-combat purposes, Ath + Wyrd The Changeling is using the contract to show off for a mostly non-practical purpose. 2G
Fleeting Autumn (2)
Witches’ Intuition Learn subjects fears, Wits + Wyrd Subject does not know the Changelings name 1G
Tale of the Baba Yaga Invoke fear of intended object in subjects, Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation The unnatural fear the character evokes is based upon a myth, urban legend or actual threat with which all subjects of the Contract are familiar 1G
Oath and Punishment (1)
Pursuer’s Seven-League Leap Per success, the Changeling may jump 15ft horizontally or 8ft vertically, Ath + Wyrd Perusing an Oathbreaker 1G


373 Heads of the Dragon Vow (Motley Pledge) Add +1 on all Brawl attacks and gain 2 dots in the "Brute force" fighting style

Court Affinity:

Mantle of Autumn
+2 on Contracts that use Occult +1 Empathy and Investigation vs. Gentry or Arcadia
Harvest of Whispers Once per session, Crown discusses new news that he learned with ST. He's awarded with 2 special Glamour per revelation that can only be used for specific actions. Can store more of this glamour then Wyrd allows, but it attracts attention. These glamour fade at the end of the session


Clarity: (5) Glamour: (??/??)
Health: (??/??) Willpower: (??/??)
Initiative: +?? Defence: ?? / Amour: ?? Speed: ??











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