Dark Angel; Librarian (1st)


"Let us stop and think, Brothers, for the Emperor shall guide our hand"

Chapter Demeanour: Son of the Lion
Personal Demeanour: Calculating

Large and imposing marine build, 2.5m, fucking heavy
108 years old, Milk white skin, Shaggy brown hair,
Amour blessing: "Thine arm be the scourge to the impure"

XP Total - 14,000 (None unspent)

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
55+ 47 (6) 59* (8) 41 43 59+ 44 51+ 42

MV 5/10/15/30

Damage reduction: (16/18) / Wounds: (23)
Fate Points (4)
Insanity (0) / Corruption (0)


- Scholarly Lore: Codex Astartes (Int) +3
- Awareness (Per), Cipher: Chapter Runes (Int), Climb (Str), Dodge (Ag), Common Lore: Adaptes Astrartes (Int), Common Lore: Imperium (Int), Common Lore: Deathwatch (Int), Common Lore: War (Int), Concealment (Ag), Drive: Ground vehicle (Ag), Intimidate (Str), Tracking (Int), Tactics: Void combat (Int), Psyniscience (Wp)


Astartes Weapons Training (Use Astartes weapons), Deathwatching Training (Use Deathwatch gear and equipment)
Killing Strike (Spend a fate point to make a melee attack unable to be dodged or parried), Nerves of Steel (Immunity to Fear tests and pinning), Unarmed Master (Unarmed strikes are not treated as primitive attacks)

Ambidextrous (No penalty for using weapons in off-hand), Astartes Weapons Training (Use Astartes weapons), Bulging Biceps (May brace large weapons with only one handed), Heightened senses: Sight and Hearing (Gain +10 on Perception tests made with either sense organ), Quick Draw (Draw weapons as a free action), True Grit ()

Resistance: Psychic Powers (Gain +10 to resist all psychic powers)


Astartes Implants (Vast and many, allow a reroll to most toughness tests), Unnatural Strength (Double strength bonus), Unnatural Toughness (Double Toughness bonus), Psy-Rating x3 (The level and potency of raw psychics power)

Chapter solo ability: Stoic Defence: Once per combat encounter, by sacrificing half of overall movement speed, gain an additional number of wounds depending on rank (6)

Psychic Powers:

  • Augery (-)
  • Short range telepathy (-)
  • Smite (-)


Amour and Apparel
Power Amour (-)
Scholars Robes (+3 to all Scholastic Lore: Codex Astartes)

Force Sword (Dam: 1d10+13, Pen: 5, Balanced and adds psy-rating to dam and pen)
Astartes Bolter (Dam: 2d10+5, S/2/4, Pen: 5 ~Tearing + Fire selector)


Brief History

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